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Meld je nu aan voor de remote Mitel MiVoice Call Recording training!

Kosten: € 1425,00 per persoon

The MiVoice Call Recording Installation and Maintenance (I&M) Course is a 3 day Remote leader-led course that teaches Technicians how to physically install and configure the MiVoice Call Recording Server. The learners will gain understanding on the recommended Server Specifications and Requirements, Software Options, Installation Models and Basic Configurations that need to be programmed to get the MiVoice Call Recording Server fully operational. Once the course curriculum and exam have been completed, participants will be MiVoice Call Recording certified.

Day 1 – Installation and provisioning, Architecture

  • Call Recording Architecture
  • Pre-install checklist (hardware/software requirements, installing pre-requisite software, additional resources, etc.) for installing MiVoice Call Recording
  • Benefits and Limitations of the different Data Connection Types
  • Benefits and Limitations of the different types of Recording
  • Server Types
  • MiVoice Call Recording Installation
  • MiVoice Call Recording Basic Configuration Requirements

Day 2 – MiVoice Call Recording Advanced Configuration

  • Advanced MiVoice Call Recording Quality Management features
  • Configuring Admin/Lists and Other Resources

- Programming DNIS/DID Lists

  • Setting up Evaluation Options (Extension vs. Agents – Category and Questions)
  • User Management

- Creating Users and Assigning Permissions

- User Types

- Active Directory Integration

- Creating and Managing User Groups

- Configuring Application Permissions

  • Setting up Ad Campaigns
  • Viewing Reports

- Callers by Area Code Report

- Viewing Effectiveness Comparison Report

Day 3 – Management Studio

  • Call Recording Architecture
  • Client Download and Installation
  • Management Studio User Interface Navigation
  • Management Studio User Basics

- Finding Calls

- Adding Notes Sharing Calls

- Organizing Calls into Folders

  • Management Studio Advanced User – Call Manager

- Live Call Monitoring

- Evaluations (Scorecards)

- Running Reports

  • Navigator User Basics

- Finding Calls

- Adding Notes Sharing Calls

- Organizing Calls into Folders

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